Friday, November 18, 2011

Doggie Hide and Seek

About noon, Mason asked, "Where's Bowden?".  Our Shih Tzu is so lazy, he will literally lay in the same spot for hours like a feline.  At this point I was not worried.  I called him...nothing.  That's weird.  I went upstairs and open the bedroom door s{sometimes he gets stuck in rooms}.  Nada.  Really weird.  Came back downstairs and looked in the garage.  Nope.  I started to think I had let him out in yard and totally forgot about him.  I'm losing it, I thought.  Finally after about 30 minutes, I see this crazy looking white stuff on the family room floor.  Bowden was trapped under the recliner!  He must of crawled under there while I was holding Mason.  Never made a sound while I was calling him or running around the house.  I opened the foot rest and he came flying out of there, totally unscathed.  Crazy!   

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