"Never let inexperience get in the way of ambition" ~ Terry Josephson

So...I'm teaching myself to sew.  That means I do alot of things twice or three times or nine times.  The important thing is...I love it!  It relaxes me.  The sound of the needle and thread piercing the fabric again and again.  It's hypnotizing, which is great for a mom.  Here are some of the things I've made.  What do you guys think?  Would you use any of this stuff?

I made my nephew a "monster" pillow and plushie from adorable fabric I found at the craft store

Burp Clothes.  I thought the raincoat and umbrella fabric was weirdly appropriate.  Maybe that's because one of my babies had reflux...

"The Sheep Set" made with fleece

I sewed this for Tyler's Book Character Parade. He went as Spongebob. The tie placement is unfortunate...

I used cloth diapers with my youngest and I learned to make these fleece soakers.  All my granola mamas give me a "What! What!"

These are baby leg warmers I made for my sister's baby girl...just waiting on her to make her debut!

Another fleece soaker in an x-small...seriously adorable!  I think it could fit a baby doll...


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