My Life In Little Moments

I've heard your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.  Let's hope that is true because I kinda like these.  I love capturing something you could never quite remember in its full truth. 

These ducks were having a spitting contest {LOL}

Lake Underhill

Lake Eola Park

I just noticed the really angry bird flying right at me...scary.

My Baby

My monkey child :)

Hang in there {LOL}

Can you believe I'm alone with him all day?...scary.

My boys building a Deer Feeder.  I warned you we were country and yes, Tyler is wearing his underwear in the yard.

Dang it, my kid is in his drawers again.

"Very bouncy this is" ~ Yoda Mason

Salt and Sand

"You talkin' to me?" Seriously, all day...alone...scary.

They are so precious when their sleeping...I mean all the time :)

Bad hair day for my weird dog Bowden

Here they are, The Dynamic Duo...The Ingle Boys

My hubby is hot...just sayin'.